Take a look at these vibrant anodized aluminum tags.. in a 1 inch round shape!

Perfect for engraving and etching as they are lightweight (66% lighter than steel) and won't rust or discolor!

Each tag is made in Canada from anodized aluminum. This is a process where aluminum is put in an dye bath.. and an electrical current passed through. The resulting color you see on the disk is permanent... and shiny and bright! The edges are not colored as they are cut into shapes after the anodizing process. Some edges might need a light de-burring or filing to get rid of any tiny overhang.

Anodized aluminum coating is fairly hard but can be scratched with steel. Use pliers and tool without hard metal teeth....

QUICK NOTE: I do my absolute best to capture the true color of the disks above... but monitors vary and they are shot very close up... so all details are magnified.

You will find some dust and oil residue from the dye cutting process.... to clean simply use hot soapy water with a mild dish soap. Avoid strong acids and bases on as it will affect the coating. Dry with a flannel-like cloth.

Measurements: 0.032" Thick, 1'' (25.4mm) diameter
The hole size is 1/8'' - 3.1mm - fits 12g max

All of our products are lead and cadmium free, and nickel safe. As they contain small parts, all items are for adult jewelry/craft making use only, not intended for children under the age of 15.
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