Create your own personal stainless steel charms, customized to suit your creative needs! These charms will be laser engraved with your own personal phrases or numbers... 

Looking to have your design saved on file for future reorders, or thinking of something more creative like a logo or an image? Check out our Custom Charm Section where you can upload a logo or image, and all designs are saved on file for discounts on future reorders! 


1. Fill out the Customization box with the text you'd like engraved.

2. Choose your font from the drop-down menu. Feel free to increase or decrease the size of the font using the + or - buttons! 

3. Choose your quantity from the drop down box... fantastic quantity savings! 

4. Click "Add to Cart"

* Looking to add clipart, or send us a reminder? Just make a note in the "Notes" box! 

**Please avoid submitting designs that have text outside of the bounds of charms, or else we may have to edit them for you. 

Measurements: 17mm x 13mm

Hole size: 1.4mm

The charms are made from high-quality stainless steel hand polished on both sides. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and won't tarnish. The lettering will not fade, as we don’t use any aerosol paints or chemicals in our lasering process.

We LASER, not ENGRAVE your phrase directly onto the charm. Etching or engraving only scratches the charm surface and produces a white, hard to read script. Our Laser method actually cuts deeply into the charm and brings out the dark tones of the metal. Your phrase will be clearly legible in any light... easy to read... fabulous quality! We do all the lasering right here in rural PEI! 

Qty available: 100 SKU: 0A22bS-1

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